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Sometimes life never explains it's self and the tiny details. Life want's you to find it yourself, so you can mess up and learn from your mistakes.
Mistakes are like being dressed in the RIGHT outfit. Perfect knee length boots,fitted dark skinnies, a cute top and a statement scarf but behind it all there could be a tiny rip in your shirt that's being covered up by the scarf or you boots hurt your feet.
Being popular to some people and have others hate you, it hurts. You think all the time what can you do to fix it?, what did you do to make them hate you?
Maybe it's because they see you sucseed, being dressed perfectly, have friends that are popular, head chief of the newspaper, pefect A+ in tech and other computer classes; but really i'm poor, i get my clothes from donation places, my step-dad is controling and my real dad hates me. The only reason why i'm friends with the "popular" people is because i was friends with them way before they were "popular".
Life is a big game, like a track meet with people who had a lot more training than you did, or facing judges in a dance meet, or the teacher editor hates you peice. It's scary!
What i do to get through is stand with my head high, let people say what they want, and thank them for stateing their opinion and say you like who you are and it doesn't matter what they say. I have friends who care, and love what i do at school, plus i'm not all that perfect, i got a D- in Bio because the teacher i have is the one i had in the 7th grade and we kinda fought a lot but other than that i try really hard because i need a scholarship, i want to go to college.
So be who you are, don't be scared or insecure when somebody points something out they don't like about you, if i was the old person i would probablly be telling to knock them out but that never solves anything, soon enough you'd be calling you pal by his/her first name and have you feet up on their desk.
SO be TRUE to yourself, and never back down!

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