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Wanted to be Cinderella, hide behind a mask, hide everything behind it. Was scared people would't accept it. lied to everyone.
Now i want to stop pretending, i share these words because it's me.
I'm scared to sing out loud, i hate it when people read my stories, i love to drink pickle juice, i love kick boxing, my dad has went to jail, i have never met my grandpapa's, i am Mexican, i like guys with a southern accent and motor-cross, i never really act Mexican, i love to tell the truth but never out loud (Thank you blogs!), i hate to show that i'm smart but fight my tech and computer teachers when i get an A-, i am a film geek, i like having different groups of friends, i love being weird and still being accepted, i dance, i play hard to get, i love my boyfriend but he lives far away, i hate it when people say people don't belong together, I say random things, i run around stores and play hide and go seek with my friends, i still act like a kid, i have upper class friends, i be nice to everybody, i only fight people who talk smack on my friends, or family i don't care what they say about me but if it's worth give them something to think about then i go for it, i spend every moment with friends who i don't have classes so i can fight the whole myth of the high school friendship split up, i hate when people talk behind your back, when people lie to your face, i love my family even though i don't show it all the time, i love my family even if i don't know them, i have friends who tease me about being a future pre-k teacher because i have the mind of one, i have friends who go to another high school but hang out with them a lot and i'm athletic even though i hate gym.
So many things people don't know about me because i USED to pretend to be somebody else. Now you know me, so accept me. BUG! LoL

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