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When you are in love, in a long distance relationship, when he bought you tickets to a concert with the "OUR" song bit, and then he leaves, it's sad! But you don't want to waste the tickets so you go with friends.
Then the "OUR" song comes on and you see other teen couples start to dance, you stand there staring at them with a sad face, singing along trying to hold back the tears that you want to cry, but then you feel somebody pull on you and twirl you around, dip you and then give a kiss. It's the guy you fell madly in love with. All this happened last night! My long distance boyfriend surprised me as an early Christmas prez. I didn't want him to leave, he just got here. He gets to stay for a week then has to go, i'm spending every waking moment with him!
I even snuck him in my room like before when he lived here in town, he'd just lay there with me, he respected that i wanted to wait but we always had to wake up at 4:30 am, so we could get him out before my rent's caught him, we went to the park and talked, talked about things we didn't want to say on Skype, or thought e-mail/facebook. It was nice to see that he went out of his way to make my one Christmas wish come true, I wished i could see my first and only love one last time.
I guess Santa is real, and he does give you gifts if you're good all year round (2 months before Christmas if you want to get technical)! but knowing he did all this, i know for sure that he does love me.

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